What makes us unique?

A philosophy that everyone has earned the right to have their own personal Marketing Director. You don’t need to hire a full-time staff to build the basics of your brand. You need someone who understands what you like to spend your time doing, and what you’d rather leave to someone else.

We understand artists. Do you enjoy making art but freeze up when it comes to promoting it? Are you passionate about Instagram but have no interest in how to build a website? Are you able to book your own gallery show but need help with press releases and advertising? Whether you’re an artist represented by a local gallery, or new to the scene with a desire to share your passion with the world, we understand the creative culture and the value of defining your personal brand.

We understand non-profits. Whether you’re looking to build internal skills through training and consulting, or want full-service support, we understand the challenges and opportunities of running a mission-based organization. From marketing and branding to donor engagement and retention, your non-profit can thrive through storytelling.

We understand small business. Do you rely on brick and mortar for your primary sales channel? No problem – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a strong website and social media presence. We’re not talking about e-Commerce. We’re talking about making every day a great day to attract and acquire new customers. It’s all about Affinity Branding – are you doing it?

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